Work Force Network, Inc. is a full-service work place integrator, striving to provide World-Class Service while addressing the needs of our customers in totality. WFN Specializes in Staffing, WFS in Hazardous Vapor Detection, and WFQ in 3rd Party Containment. Work Force Network, Inc. and it's divisions supply Solutions to the Personnel, Quality, and Safety issues at all classifications of businesses or facilities, including but not limited to, manufacturing plants, municipal buildings, medical facilities, office facilities.

Each division of Work Force Network, Inc. employs on-staff professionals highly proficient in their field of expertise. Our team of seasoned recruiters is well-versed in the specific operations and positions required by each client account they manage. Your staffing needs are our first priority.

Eliminate the frustration and overhead involved with bringing multiple vendors into the supply chain to service your Staffing, Safety, and Quality needs. Work Force Network, Inc. streamlines operations, providing first-class service in the most crucial aspects of a company or facility's operations, all from one full-service vendor.

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Let our seasoned professionals help find the best solutions to all your workplace needs. From general staffing, HR, financial, and engineering services, our personnel can do it all. We are Your Total Workplace Solution.

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IT / Technical Professionals

From the smallest technical issues to facility-wide network and programming problems, Work Force Network's IT Team can solve any technical problems; fixing, upgrading and servicing any and all of our customers' technical needs.

Save time, and money with our 24/7 availability and service professionals.